Brands & Agencies:
Hiip employs advanced custom built AI to make the workflow faster, cheaper & better

Brands & Agencies:
Hiip employs advanced custom built AI to make the workflow faster, cheaper & better

More than 500 companies have chosen Hiip to be their trusted partner for large-scale social influencer campaigns

Built to Maximize Efectiveness and Efficiency for Large Scale Marketing Campaigns


Hiip’s one-of-a-kind platform based on social data and smart matching enables brands with one click algorithm. As the leading platform in Southeast Asia with more than 10,000 influencers, Hiip can offer our clients the most suitable influencers categorized within 26 different segments.

Family & Kids
Family & Kids

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Empowering Campaign Effectiveness


With AI & Big Data at our core, Hiip makes sure you work with the right influencers at scale for higher ROI campaigns

Select the Most Appropriate Influencer using AI & Big Data

The best influencers for your campaign don’t have to be the ones with huge numbers of fans or interactions. Hiip will help you choose the most suitable influencers based on 12 proven criteria thanks to our Smart Matching Algorithm thus making your campaigns more cost efficient.

Real Verify: The End of Fake Influencers

“Real Verify” is one of Hiip’s proudest innovations which saves brands from wasting money. We detect and put a STOP sign to non-genuine influencers with fake followers. Your money now yields real results and higher ROI.

Quote Transparency

Influencers quote directly on our platform without being affected by any third party, which gives brands the confidence to move forward faster with no hidden charges.

Hassle-free Performance Management & Reports


We combine both technology and human effort to ensure an optimal working experience

Smart & Fast Matching Algorithm

Find the most appropriate influencers in under one second

Smart Process

All steps in one campaign are executed online and integrated into a friendly interface (1) Send Brief –> (2) Select Influencers –> (3) Review Content & Run Campaign –> (4) Export Report

Dedicated Operational Support

Our campaign operation team is hands-on and ready to support you whenever necessary.

Over 500
Happy Customers

Hiip, trusted by both local and international brands, has continuously established tight-knit relationship between brands and influencers to bring meaningful products and experiences to consumers

Everyone is integrated in one interface. That’s great.

Hiip platform is easy to use with hassle-free report system to track and measure authentic campaign effectiveness.

Real influencers at scale. No more influencers with fake followers. Our marketing budget is optimized for effectiveness

The platform is easy to use with great data and insight about influencers, which suggests the most appropriate ones for our campaign. Also, it automatically generates good and friendly report.

Hiip can immediately find influencers for our various campaigns.

Hiip FAQ

Hiip is the first and biggest online influencer marketing platform in Vietnam. We help brands and advertisers connect and cooperate directly with right influencer base on their social data and algorithm.

Influencer marketing is a kind of marketing in which brands cooperate with influencers in order to have influencer advertise brands’ service and/or product.

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen in 2012, 92% customers pay their trust on friends or family members’ recommendations while only 33% believe in traditional online advertise. Via influencer marketing, brands and advertiser can increase their brand identity, build customer trust and push sales.

Influencers are social network users who can influence remarkable fans/followers. The fans and followers will pay attention and listen to influencers’ shared content.

They can be hot blogger, hot mom, traveller, educator, technologist, hot teen, artist, fashionista, beauty guru, etc.

Brands and advertiser can advertise anything, from product, service, advertising, website, app, etc. However, those advertises must not contain violent, sexual, political or religious content and must abide by Vietnam’s Law.

The cost depends on the number of influencers you choose to cooperate in your campaign. The cost will be quoted by influencers and brands will make decision to cooperate or not on specific influencers. However, with a $500 budget, brand can run an influencer marketing campaign.

Cost for an advertising post can be flexibly changed base on how difficult and complex the job and brand are. Nevertheless, every influencer will have an average cost which will only change around 10%.

According to Hiip policy, customer can withdraw money from hiip in case we cannot help you find appropriate influencer.

If the influencers delete post during the campaign, the cost for that post will be refund to brand. However, after the campaign is completed and influencers receive their payment, they have the right to hide or delete post.

Hiip is the first and biggest online influencer marketing platform in Vietnam. We help brands and advertisers connect and cooperate directly with right influencer base on their social data and algorithm.

Just need to register with your Facebook account as guided. It’s free to join us.

We believe that every individual has a certain influence to his/her friends and followers. Hence, anyone can join us. However, with a 5000+ fans/follower will help you approach advertiser easier.

It’s completely safe. We guarantee that you are the only one to access and control your account. We do not have your password.

You will summit the quotation for your post and can change it whenever you want to.

If a brand wants to cooperate with you, they will send you a quoting request together with their product/service marketing campaign content. Influencers will give the quotation and your content for that campaign. If the brand agrees, they will confirm your proposal. All step mentioned above will be processed on Hiip platform.

During the campaign, if you delete advertising post/content, you will not receive your payment from advertiser. However, you can hide/delete the post 30 days after the campaign finished.

We will take 15% transaction fee from you. For instance, if you quote a post 1,000,000 VND, after the campaign is completed, you will receive 850,000 VND, Hiip will take 150,000 VND as operational fee.

We will transfer money into your account within 2-4 weeks after the camapaign completed.

When there is a suitable advertising campaign, we will send the campaign to the email which you provided when you sign up (Please check social/promotion and spam mail). After that, log in website to summit your quotation and content!